HautmannI went to see the Bodyworlds exhibition of dead bodies yesterday, at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was not as sickening and disgusting as I hoped it would be, however it was well worth the trip. The hand specimen was simply awesome, but my most vivid memories would be that of the unborn children. They had dead fetuses and embryos all way from 1 week after fertilization right up to 1 month before conception. It is amazing how human-like a 17 week old fetus is and how alien the embryos ( 1-8 weeks) look. It reminds me of the difference between a seed and a sapling.

The exhibition got all of us thinking and talking about various things. We started talking about abortion and then went on to “when do babies achieve consciousness?” and then ended at “What is consciousness?”. As usual all this thinking leaves you with more questions than answers. However thinking about humankind, its origins and environment is what drives the human race.

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  1. Jan Says:

    Hi, I just went to Bodyworlds in Philadelphia last ight and it was awesome. I happen to be a massage therapist/anatomy teacher, and I really love anatomy. After teaching anatomy with 2-dimensional media all these years, I am awestruck by the understanding I gained looking at this exhibit for just 1.5 hours. I was fascinated!!! I ‘m encouraging everyone who has a body to go…you can learn so much here, especially about the way the muscles shapeshift to enable the body to rearrange into a milliion different positions!!! Wow. I am in ‘shock and awe’ the good kind!

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