automator I installed Tiger – MacOSX 10.4 today. It looks sweet – especially Dashboard. I can now get rid of my cpu-hogging Konfabulator widgets but I really want to have my dashboard widgets flush with the desktop. My laptop had a broken DVD drive so I had to use partiboi’s laptop and connect my laptop to his as an external firewire hard disk. Installing to an external volume (the baby) was quick and painless. Apple – ‘It just works’. I hope I will be able to get the dvd drive repaired using Mastercard’s extended warranty. Too bad I do not have Applecare.

The automator icon looks alot like Marvin in Hitchhikers. Speaking of which, I am going to see the stupid movie tomorrow. Lunch at Fogo de Chao was quite good today. I am not used to spending 60$ on lunch for myself. However it was the only meal I ate today. Maybe watching Hotel Rwanda had something to do with not eating dinner. The movie is definitely not “This year’s Schindler’s List”.

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