Dashboard Widgets for Panther and Tiger

Desktop Weather Widget 0.1 shows Apple’s Weather widget on the desktop instead of hiding it on the Dashboard Layer.

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It uses an unsupported API to make a “transparent webview”. The cool thing is that it works on Panther (10.3.9) as well as in Tiger. An experienced developer might easily be able write Dashboard widgets for Panther. The ones that work in Safari should be a piece of cake. The others might be a little harder to emulate. Is this is why Apple has kept quiet about the transparent webview API? Spotlight alone is worth the upgrade however not everyone thinks that way.

This is not even alpha level software, so do not expect much from it. The source is available on request. The widget blends nicely into the background. Right now it responds to a few clicks in certain places. I can’t decide whether this would be a feature or a bug. Since the app is not visible in the Dock or in the App-Switcher, you have to shut it down by typing “killall DesktopWidget” in the Terminal. If you want your preferences to be permanent, then edit

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    I now have a webpage for these widgets


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