Mastercard Extended Warranty

Several friends have had problems with their apple laptops. Some within a year of purchase and some just after. Is this “planned obsolescence” by Apple or because the laptops are using components at the beginning of their product life cycles? Maybe a bit of both. About a year after purchasing my powerbook G4, the dvd drive started acting up and did not want to part with any discs I put into it and my battery life suddenly dropped from 3 hours to about 30 minutes. After trying to reset the PMU and other stupid things, the drive stopped accepting discs altogether. Rather than spend some time getting to know the drive and what it really desired, I decided to have it fixed by someone else. However I did not have Applecare which costs $250 and you can only get that if your laptop is less than 1 year old. In this country, getting something fixed is synonymous with getting it replaced and I was going to be charged $210 for a new drive and $100 for labour and 8.75% more for Illinois State Tax. The funny thing is that this is a flat rate. So if you have a superdrive they replace it with a superdrive and if you have a combodrive they replace it with a combodrive all for the same price. It was too expensive for me, and an external drive for $50 was a much cheaper and more attractive option.

Luckily for me, I had bought my laptop using my Mastercard Credit Card and some of them have an Extended Warranty Program, where they double your original manufacturer’s warranty (Upton 1 year). My credit card had this program however the problem was that I had closed that credit card account a few months ago. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I spoke to Janet or Tina or some other such thing at Mastercard and they didn’t care that my account was closed, however they did want a lot of paperwork. I need to send in my original credit card receipt (I had that), my receipt from apple (I had that), my original apple warranty and a repair estimate. So I went to the Apple Store on Michigan and dealt with the Genius bar for a couple of hours and finally got my precious repair estimate. I mailed everything in and a week later got a check for $310. Too bad that they didn’t put the tax on the repair estimate. Anyway, no new DVD drive or battery for me. The money been safely put away into my “triple g6 fund”.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the hope. I returned from overseas two days after my one year warranty had expired, no luck they told me. I’m going to try MC and see what happens. Thanks.

  2. A H Says:

    Yeah their extended warranty is legit. I used it back when it used to be they would DOUBLE the life of the warranty….I called them, said my PDA touch screen was not being accurate no matter what I did, sent my receipt, and got a check for $100….2 years outside of warranty.

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