I have decided to post URLs that I find interesting at

Safari rssIf you use Firefox to navigate to the link above, then you should be able to see this icon on the bottom right corner of the browser. (It will probably be different if you do not use the default theme.) If you click that icon, you can add these bookmarks as a live bookmark to your bookmarks folder. It will refresh automatically to show you the latest 10 or 15 bookmarks. The bookmarks toolbar is a nice place for it. If you are using Safari RSS then you will see the lovely blue RSS button in the URL field. Click it and then drag the URL icon (blue, white and black squares) to your bookmarks toolbar.

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  1. skiadas Says:

    Of course, this will only work in 10.4!

  2. Sameer Says:

    I think the 10.4 version of safari is called “Safari RSS”. Atleast on the apple site it is called that. “About Safari” says Safari 2.0. So maybe I should have said “If you are using Safari 2.0….”

    In Panther you would need to get an external news reader. Netnewswire seems to be highly recommended.

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