A Feast for Crows

Feast for CrowsA Feast for Crows, the fourth book in the Song of Fire and Ice Series by George R.R. Martin is finally done. You can read about it – here. It is probably going to come out sometime in July. I highly recommend this series, especially if you were majorly disappointed by the last several books of James Oliver Rigney’s Wheel of Time series.

2 Responses to “A Feast for Crows”

  1. hkaul Says:

    You need to be major vehla to read the series. Its well written but sort of pointless. The way its being written, it will never end – I gave up after the first two novels ;-)

  2. Sameer Says:

    Well, it is nowhere near as good as LOTR and Le Guin’s books, but it is definitely better than the other modern books in its genre. I dont think the series will end properly because there is just too much money involved for the author to stop producing books. It will probably just get bad like Dune or Wheel of Time.

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