dreamhostI moved my blog to dreamhost quite easily. While comparing hosting on the web I came across this deal where they allow you to sign up for 1 year of hosting for just 10$. You need to type in coupon code 777. So I signed up and gave my referral fees to wordpress.org. After the 1 year promotion, it is 8$ a month for a two year contract. They give you 1 free domain name, 2.4 (decimal) gigs of space, 120GB per month of bandwidth, 3 fully hosted domains, 15 subdomains, 75 shell access users, unlimited mysql databases, PHP, jabber etc on Debian Linux servers… I will probably host a CVS or subversion server on it also. Should be ideal to back up code and important documents (encrypted of course!!) Skiadas is sharing the account with me.

It was his birthday today and we went to a wonderful Mexican restaurant near downtown Chicago. This was the second time I had been there and I loved everything about the meal. Right from the tequilas and sangritas to the caramelized goat milk plantain crepes. The pinwheel tilapia was the best fish entree I have tasted in Chicago. (And, if you promise not to call my blog stupid again, I can take you there when you visit Chicago next :) )

I just got hold of Freakonomics. It took a while to get one of the several copies in the library because of the demand. Maybe it had to do with the fact that one of the authors, Steven Levitt, is a professor in the economics department over here. Next, I plan to read Cory Doctorow’s book “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”. I have come across both books through various blogs that I read. Freakonomics was discussed several times on Crooked Timber and Doctorow posts on Boing Boing.

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  1. Skiadas Says:

    CVS? Subversion man, Subversion.
    Thanks again for the dinner. The tequilas were indeed wonderful.

  2. hkaul Says:

    got your message loud and clear ;-) …i won’t use the s. word (atleat until I have the tilapia) :-)

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