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RSS has changed my web surfing habits. However, now that I am trying to manage 30+ RSS feeds, I have been getting cranky with ‘s RSS reader. It frequently resets every few days and marks all the posts as unread. I guess this is to make up for the fact that there is no way to mark individual posts as unread. So I started looking for alternatives.
There are three main options. Desktop programs, online programs, and hybrids. Wikipedia has a list of them all. Among the desktop ones, Feedreader is light weight and open source, however it only works on Windows. I also tried Bloglines and found that I could easily get addicted to it. Web based RSS readers have the advantage of being able to read your news from anywhere with only a browser. However I decided to go with a hybrid open source reader on my own web server, so that I could fix with some “itch-ware” whatever features (or lack of them) annoy me. Ads in RSS feeds is already a minor irritant. If they start flashing and popping, I will want to filter them out pronto. Check out lilina with the head patch on my webserver.

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  1. Haris Says:

    Interesting. What are the numbers on the left for? What’s this head patch?
    Could use a nicer stylesheet methinks.

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