World Heritage Sites

Ajanta CavesUNESCO has designated more than 800 natural and cultural properties worldwide as World Heritage sites. I decided to see what the other properties were like after visiting one of them last week and being filled with a sense of wonder of what the world has to offer. Here are some of the websites I found useful….

  1. Virtual Reality Tours of the World Heritage Sites
    This website has quicktime virtual reality tours of the sites. You can zoom in and out and pan around and up and down. They currently have only about 125 sites on this website, most of them from Asia. This will really be an awesome website when the project is completed.
  2. Google satellite map links
    This website also has links to images and the UNESCO pages and a little bit of background information.
  3. A big Google Map of the World with the World Heritage Sites
    This site helps if, like me, you feel your knowledge of geography is vastly inadequate.

If you use Google Earth you can download a keyhole file which will give you links to images, VR tours, maps and everything else you would want to know about these beautiful, exotic and amazing places. When is Google Earth going to come out with a Mac version?!!!

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  1. Matthias Ripp Says:

    The detailed number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is:
    812 in total including 628 cultural; 160 natural and 24 mixed sites in 137 different states.

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