Mumbai Monsoon

On Tuesday, Bombay received the heaviest rainfall it has ever got this century. More than 90 cm (36 inches) of rain fell in less than 24 hours. To put that figure into perspective, that is a little more than the amount of rainfall Chicago receives in a year. There were massive floods all over the city because of the poor drainage systems and upwards of 500 people have been killed. Some school children in Andheri were killed when a wall fell over and some people in Juhu drowned in their cars. Many others were electrocuted or died in mud slides. The most damage seems to have occurred in the northern part of the city near Kurla, Saki Naka and Andheri. No one I know was killed or injured. My father was in the city and it took him about 8 hours to get to my cousins house. The distance was around 8km (5 mi) and at some points he had to wade through waist deep water. Only 2 days later was it safe for him to return home. The monsoon is my most favourite season. There is nothing like being curled up in a warm cosy bed reading a book while the rain beats down for days without stop. At the start of the rainy season the city always floods as the drains are never cleared out in time. The worst hit always seem to be the poor people living in the slum areas.

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