Domain Transfer Scam

I got an strange email yesterday:

From: Jessy Timber <j>
Subject: dcostanet.COM..

Are you perhaps interested in buying DCOSTANET.COM ?

The domain is for sail through Dommerce for $89.95.

If you are interested signup here:


The first thing that went through my mind was Why?!! would anyone buy this domain and then offer to transfer it to me for 90 dollars. It usually costs about $10 a domain and this did not make any economic sense? Did more than 1 in 10 people sign up to transsfer? Where did they get my information? Then after doing a little digging, I found out that was not registered and could be had for $8.95 (less than 10% of what this idiot was offering). I guess they got my information from the whois database. So basically if someone signs up for this “transfer” Jessy stands to gain $80 per transaction. Now this spam scam starts to make more economic sense.

If the author of the email ever reads this, please remember that you usually sell domains, not sail them.

14 Responses to “Domain Transfer Scam”

  1. Philip Says:

    Well, the typo (sail) indemnifies them. They can claim in court that they weren’t really trying to sell you anything.

  2. Sameer Says:

    I don’t think they are doing anything illegal that you can take them to court for. It is like offering you a dozen donuts for $90 right outside a Krispy Kreme store and when you say yes they will go in at buy the donuts for $9 and then sell it to you for $90.

    The only thing possible illegal might be violating their ISP’s Terms of service regardging UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Even that might not be an issue if they have an ISP that condones such things.

  3. hkaul Says:

    Sameer, you have more two readers now !! Congrats ;-)
    I am still waiting for all the posts you promised.

  4. Sameer Says:

    Hey!! some of us are not done with their thesis yet. But seriously, I will post them in the next few days.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Hope u’r doing good, drop me a line on aim sometime.
    Definitely sounds like a major rip off. I just registered for 2 years for $4.98 through yahoo (now I have to find a good hosting service…any suggestions?).


  6. Sameer Says:

    Dreamhost is pretty decent. You could get a year of hosting for $10 (they stopped that deal recently) using the 777 deal. After the first year it is 8$ per month.

  7. Sandra Says:

    Well I have received the same E-mail for a .com name.
    I am the holder of the .net version of the name. Basically they took my details from the whois DB.
    I was going to report them to their registrar but I checked the .com name and saw it was available. So I was happy to register it !
    In some way these spammers have been useful in notifying me that the name had become since I had register the .net version o:)

  8. devin Says:

    I just got an almost identical spam (which is why I found this entry), except with a different domain name (obviously :-) , and “sale” spelled correctly.

    In reply to the comment about whether this is legal, I am no lawyer, but I think it meets the criteria for fraud. The necessary elements are that a knowing misrepresentiaton of fact is made with the intention of inducing the victim to act so as to result in injury or damage.

    The inducement is obvious — they intend that I register with them for $89.95, causing me damage since I could have the same service for very much less,

    The misrepresentation is more subtile, but is the false statement that the domain is “for sale through Dommerce” — it is not. At the time they made the representation, they did not own any rights to the domain, hence they could not offer them for sale.

  9. Robert Says:

    I LOVE IT! What a great idea! Start looking for my spams offering those domains for $49 soon. Plenty of room to undercut these guys and still make a mint.

    It’s only fraud if I take their money and don’t deliver the domain. Worst case, if the domain is already registered, I just have to refund the $49.

    Lets see… I’ll need a new site to do this. Maybe “”. And I’ll need a cool company mission statement. I like “SELL domains, SAIL yachts”.

    This is gonna be great.


  10. porcupine Says:

    actually they did me a favour….. it let me know that the .com I was after was available…. I shall now purchase it directly :D

  11. Paul Says:

    Just got this same scam……. I almost went through with it, but luckily I thought to check it real quick while I was waiting for a reply email from them…

  12. Pete Says:

    hahahah wicked, same happened to me, luckily i wanted it last year and bought instead. thank you spammy guys

  13. Scam Says:

    Similarly, also watch out for the domain renewal scam.

    With this, the scammer will pretend to be your domain registrar and will email, asking for payment to renew your domain name (they have checked whois to see it is expiring soon).

    They will then either take your cash and/or your credit card and other details.

  14. john Says:

    Hi, i have an issue with domain transfer scam. I have paid someone $150 for a domain name and the seller took the money and rejected transfer. I have contacted network solution, but they couldn’t do anything. I can’t sue the seller because he doesn’t live in the US. what kind of legal action can i take to get the domain or my money


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