is a nifty web based feed reader. gregarius Web-based feed readers are much better than desktop programs because you can read your feeds from anywhere. This one is particularly nice because it is full of features, has a nice clean, AJAXified interface and can be themed to look quite beautiful.

I have been using Safari RSS as my feed reader ever since Tiger came out. Safari has a great interface but there are too many bugs and it frustrating not to be able to fix them. (or even report them easily). I also disliked having to access my feeds only from my laptop. So, I wanted a good web-based feed reader that was open source so that I could extend it in any way I want. That ruled out bloglines and waiting for things like feedlounge. I went to google and I typed web based feed reader and came across two decent open source feed readers. One was Feed on Feeds which looked a little depressing and didn’t seem to be under active development. The other was which looked nicer but didn’t seem to have many features. Finally after much hunting I came across a list of feed readers in Wikipedia(wikipedia has the most amazing things in it) which had Gregarius listed in it. Then I realised that the reason I hadn’t been able to find gregarius earlier was because I was using the search terms feed reader, when I needed to be using the terms feed aggregator.

You can view my installation of gregarius here. If you have installed wordpress before you will easily be able to install gregarius. If you are someone I know, I would be willing to install it for you on this server. Your installation of gregarius does not need to be public. You can make it entirely private or you can have a mix of public and private feeds.

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  1. James Adams Says:

    Just installed it and plan to read the rest of your posts and install some of your plugins/themes. So far I like what it does. Like you I was using Safari RSS on my work G4 and then going home and trying to figure out which feeds I hadn’t already read on that computer. What a mess!

    I tried bloglines also for awhile, which was actually quite nice, but the interface was so klunky and as you mentioned offered no extensibility. What you saw is what you got.

    Gregarius has a very Word-pressy feel to it that I hope gets a little more attention. It doesn’t seem to have the same following as other aggregators though. Hopefully people will soon catch on. Keep up the good work.

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