Transportation in India

Via Desipundit : Flickr photos of transportation modes in India. Nice photoset. This brings back memories of childhood days when my parents used to shovel me and my sister around the place on a scooter. Count the number of helments and divide by the number of people. :)


This photo was taken by user saad on Creative commons. Some rights reserved by the copyright holder.

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  1. hkaul Says:

    The cycle rickshaws and mopeds and scooters bring back a lot of memories. Not to leave out Premier Padminis and Ambassadors. :-)

    Sameer, remember how 7-8 of us would pile on your Maruti 800 to go for Natural Ice Cream in Bombay. Memory is a harsh mistress – no ice cream can ever be as tasty as that for me ….. sigh …

  2. Sameer Says:

    I think we got in 8 at one point. Shantanu had to lie down on top of the 4 others in the back seat. Those were the days… :)

  3. Transportation in India Says:

    Yes, memories are forever, no one can take it back. I travelled a lot in India, and finally run a website that provides information for free to passengers.

    Bus services from APSRTC, KSRTC and from other major providers is available for free.


  4. Beautiful Minds. Says:

    Can I get a lift in that scooter?

    And BTW wasn’t tht a Lamby? our dear old Lambretta?

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