I have recently been watching Fox’s hit TV series on DVD. Each season of the show (24 episodes) chronicle 24 hours in the life of counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. Jack is saving America (the good guys) from terrorists (the bad guys) and each hour long episode shows what actually happened, in that hour, in real time. There are lots characters and plot twists and turns, and Season 1 was quite enjoyable even though Jack’s daughter Kim gets kidnapped 3 times in those 24 hours.

The show really lost it in Season 2. I have a feeling that Fox needed to prep their viewers for Fox News. It starts off with a President Palmer (who is black and got divorced just 6 months before he won the election) requesting Jack to help save LA from a nucular bomb. Jack (the good guy) agrees and then less than 15 minutes later, in order to get results, shoots a convicted child molester (a bad guy) in the chest and uses a hacksaw to cut off his head. It all goes downhill from there with the President (a good guy) ordering the torture of the head of the NSA (a bad guy with good intentions?) to find out what information he is withholding. After that it gets complicated with the nucular bomb exploding and some more torture and trying to prevent war with three middle eastern countries. I didn’t finish watching Season 2 because when Kim got kidnapped for the 4th time, I couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Hank Stuever has an nice helpful article in the Washington Post, titled Run, Kim, Run! On ’24,’ a Ludicrous but Alluring String of Perils.
  • Schneier’sblowfish algorithm was mentioned on 24. Some of the comments on that blog post are pretty funny.
  • Zee has ripped off 24 with its own series called Time Bomb 9/11. Fox claims that this is a episode by episode copy of 24 and sued for copyright infringement in a Delhi High Court. Don’t miss the amazing quote by Arun Jaitley.

    Senior advocate Arun Jaitley [sic] appearing for Zee refuted the allegations, saying that Time Bomb 9/11 was its original concept and a sequel to its earlier serial Pradhan Mantri, launched in 2001. “Nobody could monopolise on the concept of terrorism,” he said. 1

  1. From the Financial Express.
  2. Image credits to The Elisha Cuthbert website

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  1. haris Says:

    Priceless! I think I might start watching the show just for laughs. :-)

  2. Sameer Says:

    Gi has some of the seasons on dvd. You might want to ”borrow” it from him if you don’t want to use netflix.

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