Busy Busy Busy

The Fall quarter starts on Monday (26th September) and it looks like I am going to be very, very busy. I am going to be teaching an undergraduate Calculus class (Math153), grading for a graduate class on Option Pricing, writing up my thesis and applying for jobs. The first casualty is my Netflix account. I will not be able to post to this blog as frequently as I would like, but I will continue to bookmark interesting things with del.icio.us.

I recently got a shiny new book, from Amazon, on Optimizing and designing MySQL databases so that I could implement a few ideas I had for Gregarius. I hope I atleast have some time to read it.

4 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. hkaul Says:

    We will miss you :-(

    Good luck with all your work.

  2. Sameer Says:

    Thanks. The other reader is coming to visit today. You should try and make a trip also.

  3. Tim Says:

    I am greatly benefiting from your work on gregarius. Thank you!

  4. Daves Says:

    Yo man I came on your blog to post comments on everything you would write now..and you say you won’t be writting much:(
    Well good luck bachcha

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