Automator actions

Automator is quite a cool component of . I upgraded my little Export RSS feeds from Safari shell script to an automator action. This is quite handy for the hordes of MacOSX users that abhor All you need to do is double click the downloaded file and your feeds appear in a file on the Desktop, ready to be sent to any other feed reader. No need to open the terminal and worrying about redirecting shell script output.

Automator has an action called “Run shell script”. I just pasted the old shell script in there and then piped the output of that action to a text file. I thought it worked beautifully. However, when I opened up the file in vim- aargh!! – it was some wierd . No good for sharing files. So then I used another automator shell script action to use the textutil command to convert the file to . Maybe, I will try using this Automator action to provide a way to customize where the OPML file is created.

I put the script and the automator action into the public domain because of all the emails I was getting about using/copying it. All the source code is available. You may do whatever you like with it.

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