Stop the presses

A shell script I wrote earlier got mentioned in the December issue of Macworld. It is hard to find the mention, but it is there. :) I wrote the script to move my feeds from Safari RSS to Bloglines. Last month, I upgraded the shell script to an action, so you do not need to open if you do not want to. The article is a bit incorrect about that point, but I guess it was written a while ago.

If you are looking to move to/from Bloglines and you want more freedom and would like complete control over your feed reader, I recommend the excellent, open source program : . It is highly extensible and supports plugins and themes and has lots of goodness. If you spend a lot of time reading feeds it is important to have a feed reader that does everything just the way you want it to.

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  1. hkaul Says:

    Congrats!! Just awesome :-)

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