Lilina theme for Gregarius

I added a new theme for which gives it a similar interface to . It is still a work in progress, so I decided to create a page for it to keep track of changes in the version. This theme shows you the item titles, so you can scan them quickly. You can expand out an individual item by clicking on the title. Expand out all the titles by clicking the expand/collapse all button. You can also hide the sidemenu by clicking on the button with the arrowheads. This last state is stored in a cookie and remembered across visits.


Lilina theme for Gregarius


Dec 30, 2005. Download version 0.4.1
This version has the following changes

Older Versions

  • Dec 30, 2005. Download version 0.4
    This version has the following changes

    • The items are now grouped by date.
    • More compitibilty with the svn version. Uses screenshots, overrides etc..
  • Dec 22, 2005. Download version 0.3.2

    • Added Accesskeys for collapsing the sidebar (Alt-f) and for expanding/collapsing all the items(Alt-C)
    • Fix for a bug while expanding/collapsing all the divs in Firefox
  • Nov 12, 2005. Download version 0.3.1
    • Fix for a bug that prompts you to download update.php after updating.
  • Download version 0.3.

    • The sidemenu hidden state is stored in a cookie and saved across visits
    • Removed underscores from the feed titles
    • Made the icons line up – Thanks Chris
    • Bug fixes when using this theme with version 0.5.2 of Gregarius


Gregarius version 0.5.2 +


  • I do not use this theme myself, so updates will be slow.

15 Responses to “Lilina theme for Gregarius”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Love the theme, but unless I’m missing something, the UI for tagging posts is missing.

  2. Sameer Says:

    Ah yes you are right. I didn’t notice that. I will update the theme soon... The theme is going to be overhauled soon. For now you can edit tags by clicking on the permalink URL for that item. This will give you a single item view with the ability to edit tags…..

  3. nathan Says:

    love the theme, exactly what i wanted chronological posts with no grouping.

  4. nathan Says:

    is there a way to mark posts as read on an individual basis instead of on a by feed basis.

  5. Sameer Says:

    @nathan: You can use the double click to mark as read plugin, or you can use the edit properties dialog box. It is best to ask gregarius support questions on the forums, because more people read/search it…

  6. Chris Says:

    I just installed Gregarius yesterday and I just installed your theme today. It’s very nice! Keep up the good work!

  7. Disconnect Says:

    Drop me an email – I have a small patch that turns the date clickable. (EG click ‘January’ to go to /feed_url/2006/01/ ..) Its broken on multiple feed pages (folders or the main page) but does the right thing so if a patch appears, it should Just Work.

  8. danleo Says:

    In lilina theme how I can make in order to visualize the local time instead of the server time?

  9. Sameer Says:

    I dont think the lilina theme can do that right now. I will think about fixing this bug in the next version of this theme.

  10. danleo Says:

    Thanks It’s very nice theme !

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    [...] Na secção de configurações podem afinar o gregarius, ajustar os plugins ou mesmo instalar outro tema (eu instalei o tema Lilina só têm de fazer o download, colocar a pasta na directoria de themes do gregarius no servidor, e depois na secção de administração ir a “rss.output.theme” e escolher o novo tema) [...]

  12. Jake Says:

    Just another random supporter who’s new to Gregarius. Using it over at Hacking it a bit to do the things I want to do, still figuring out easy way in Gregarius to hack the navigation (like customizing the buttons, or if I do hardcode them how I still keep the mini-search field plugin). But otherwise, it’s great, and thanks for it! But this is WAY better than the actual lillina that gregarius is replacing on that site.

  13. Sean Bannister Says:

    Hey, just been researching RSS Readers and also looked into Lilina, Lylina and Tiny Tiny RSS. I’ll try this one out Gregarius.

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    [...] mir den Online-Feedreader Gregarius (bei vcpi entdeckt – Danke!) mit dem sehr übersichtlichen Liliana-Theme. Das war ähnlich trivial wie eine WordPress-Installation. Trotzdem muss ich mich an diese Art, [...]

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    [...] theme is a remake of the Lilina theme by Sameer D’Costa. Works with version [...]

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