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I wrote a plugin to send any item to a blog with 1 click. Yes I know another plugin!!. This is the last one for a while, I promise.. Maybe I should patent this one like amazon did. Anyway, here is a screenshot of what the output looks like.


blog that

You can edit the output by editing a template file just like you would do for a regular Gregarius theme.


Jan 10, 2006. Download version 0.3.2

Older Versions

  • Jan 10, 2006. Version 0.3.2
    • Prevented the icon from appearing when you were not logged in.
    • Changed the default config options to a blog
  • Nov 26, 2005. Version 0.3.1
    • Prevented the icon from appearing when you were not logged in.
    • Changed the default config options to a blog
  • Nov 20, 2005. Version 0.3
    • Now checks the admin cookie for all items and not just private items.
    • Bug fix for posting as blog items as a draft. Thanks Phil.
    • User config value to change the category into which the blog is posted.
  • Initial release version.


Gregarius version 0.5.2 +


  • Remember to read the README.txt file in the subdirectory blogthat_files/

12 Responses to “Blog That”

  1. Haris Says:

    That’s pretty nifty. I must say I am getting rather used to Gregarius. It’s definitely my home page on my office.

  2. Phil Ringnalda Says:

    Rather than $publish = '(publish|draft)' shouldn’t it be = '(0|1)'? WordPress’s XML-RPC code just says $post_status = ($publish) ? 'publish' : 'draft';, and since 'draft' is true, you always publish, even when the plugin says $publish = 'draft';.

  3. Sameer Says:

    @Phil: Thank you for pointing this out. I shall fix it in the next version.

  4. Tim Says:

    Don’t stop making plugins!

    BTW, any idea how to get this working with a account?

    TIA, TIM

  5. Sameer Says:

    @Tim: Version 0.3.1 sets the default blog to a blog. You should be able to change the username/password so that it works with your account.

    There are several plugin ideas I want to implement but I think alot of work needs to be done on the Gregarius code and I will try to do that in the next few months….

    The list of plugin ideas is at in case anyone is interested.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Love the plugin, but it appears to break the “stickflag” plugin that is now included in the SVN versions.

  7. Sameer Says:

    @Matthew: THanks for pointing this onflict out. I have fixed the plugin in version 0.3.2

  8. Ivan Says:


    I’m very happy with the blogthat! plugin, it’s really funny to blog while you read the news!! It avoids the (to me) tedious task of typing too much.
    It is the main reason I continue blogging ! XD

    I would like to know where can i find the blog title and url of the blogged post. I’ve tried to find on the gregarius source code the ‘rss_name’, ‘rss_title’, without luck to use it on the template you provide with your plugin.

    Can you confirm me if that variable exists or where can i find it?

    Thank you in advance!

  9. Sameer Says:

    I dont think there is anything called rss_name or rss_title.

    rss_item_title exists though. It is in /rss/cls/wrappers/item.php

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  11. AntiNSA Says:

    Is it possible that when you click the blog that button you can either choose a different user name or a different blog category to blog to?

  12. AntiNSA Says:

    Hey, is it possible to have a direct link or icon that says click here to view full story? And is it possile to have this on the front page of the blog?

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