Magpie Unit tests

Since people were waving tasks around several months ago and I finally got tired of atom feeds showing up incorrectly in Gregarius, I decided to port some of tests to . I created a rudimentary ajax-ified unit testing harness for Magpie. You can download it to your webserver with subversion

svn co

Then, just point any ajax enabled browser at the runTests.php file. You can see it in action here.

Unfortunately, I could not think of any nice cross-language way to write the expect condition, and so I wrote some scripts (similar to Sam Ruby’s scripts) to statically convert the python expect condition to php. Writing the correct expect condition is much harder than I thought. My goal is to port about 1000 or so feedparser tests that I care about (out of the 3000 that exist) and make changes to Magpie without regressing anything. Then I will put this branch version of Magpie back into the Gregarius trunk.

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