Two Online Videos

  1. (via John Tokash) This video is demo of what the QuickCam Orbit MP is capable of.

    You can add one of dozens of augmentations ranging from hats to glasses to full blown avatars to your video chat experience. All of the effects utilize face tracking to keep in synch with your face’s eyes, eyebrows, lips, etc. Very impressive.

  2. (via Dean Armstrong)
    Awesome animation of aurorae seen from the International Space Station. This is a bit old (2003) but very interesting to read/see if you haven’t already.

2 Responses to “Two Online Videos”

  1. Rohini Says:

    Hey. You seem to be quite the blogging nomad! I have not reached the level of IT understanding (and doubt that I ever will) that has made Blogger inadequate for you.

    Your site is cool even if I only understood 1 in every 3 words! I like your take on the Su Doku puzzles. I used to be addicted to those during my maternity leave. But now have no time to be addicted to anything….

  2. Anil Says:

    Sameer, how about starting a separate blog for techies and non-techies??? All this quickcam orbit MP stuff when whoosh…over my head! But I read your other posts – preparing for the zombie attack was hilarious!

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