Widgets for Tiger and Panther

Desktop Weather Widget

I have written a tiny application to place Apple’s weather flush on the desktop. I don’t like the fact that essential widgets like this are forced to live in . You can do this for any Dashboard Widget that will run in Safari. Also, take a look at the Amnesty Widget Browser.


10.3.9 (and later)
Download Desktop Weather Widget 0.2.1
Source Code


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2 – forecast
Screenshot 3- big


Since the app is not visible in the Dock or in the App-Switcher, you have to shut it down manually. Either type killall DesktopWidget in the Terminal or use the Activity Monitor to shut it down. I rarely ever shut it down.

You can set your preferences by clicking the “i” in the lower right corner. If you want your preferences to be permanent, then you need to edit DesktopWidget.app/Contents/Resources/Weather.wdgt/Weather.js.

Known Issues

  • You cannnot move DesktopWidget.app after you start the program. Doing so sometimes causes the program to bork. First shut down the program if you want to move the .app file.

Version 0.2.1 – June 05 2005

  • Put the “i” back on Panther.

Version 0.2 – June 04 2005

  • Enabled dragging the widget around to place it somewhere else on the desktop.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the scrollbar to appear when there was a lot of fog outside.

Version 0.1 – May 15 2005

  • Ooh!! it works!!


5 Responses to “Widgets for Tiger and Panther”

  1. skiadas Says:

    You know, you should also add a picture of how it looks with the week-long forecast as well.

    Looks good. Moves great. Where’s the ‘i’ in the lower right corner?

  2. Sameer Says:

    Version 0.2.1 puts the “i” back in w”i”dget.

  3. After thought Says:

    Weather Widget in 10.3.9!

    Sameer has now updated his little weather widget, which you can have on your desktop, even if you are running 10.3.9, and not Tiger. Apparently, any widget that only needs Safari to run, and a lot of them do, can also be made to run in 10.3.9, properl…

  4. Daniel Says:


    It works, but I use the Amnesty Widget Browser. I don’t really like that it’s always under other windows, I would prefer to have on the top. That’s all what Amnesty gives.
    Where can I download the default Tiger widgets from? I can’t find any of them.

    Thanks, Daniel

  5. Sameer Says:

    I dont think you can download tiger’s widgets. However I could be wrong.

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